Rapid Movie for Treo

Rapid Movie for Treo 1.0

Create time-lapse movies


  • Great for animation


  • Need to fix mobile in one place
  • You must be patient

Very good

If you've ever watched a nature programme on The Discovery Channel you've probably seen flowers growing at break-neck speeds or white clouds flying through the sky and suddenly becoming thunder storms. The smart ones among you will know this is all created through time-lapse photography, and now you can produce exactly the same footage from your mobile. Rapid Movie works by recording images at a rate much slower than normal. Then when the film is played back the recording is actually faster. However there is more. With Rapid Movie you can also record stop motion animation.

The footage recorded with Rapid Movie is excellent but you will need a Treo to use it. One of the other problems is that for best results you need to try and make sure your mobile is fixed in a single position. Otherwise the effect is somewhat spoilt. And of course you need patience and time. However some of the animation I have seen recorded with the software is brilliant. Plus it's really good fun.

The general purpose of RNS:: Rapid Movie is capturing film frames at a rate much slower than a playback speed. When replayed at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster. Processes that would normally appear subtle to the human eye become very pronounced.

The following photography and cinematography techniques are supported by RNS:: Rapid Movie:

  • Time-lapse - each film frame is captured at a rate much slower than it will be played back.
  • Stop motion - an animation technique which makes static objects appear to move.
  • Sequential shooting - pictures are captured one after another in equal intervals.

There are 3 operating modes in RNS:: Rapid Movie:

  • Single Photo - captures still pictures just like the "Camera" application. This simple mode does not actually create movies or photo sequences, but one shot a time.
  • Photo Series - takes pictures sequentially in equal intervals, and saves them as separate JPEG files. You can adjust the interval between consecutive shots.
  • Moving Video - takes pictures sequentially in equal intervals, and saves them all as a single MOV file. You can adjust the interval between consecutive shots, as well as the playback rate.

Rapid Movie for Treo


Rapid Movie for Treo 1.0

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